Meet Joel

Joel Funk is a native of Illinois and the 12th Congressional District. The Funk family were immigrant homesteaders from Germany in the 1830’s when they set to work creating a farm between Mascoutah and Freeburg, IL. Joel’s family has been farming and working the land ever since. It continues to be a part of the agricultural backbone of Southern Illinois.

Joel attended public school through his early education before getting an ROTC Scholarship to attend The Citadel, The  Military College of South Carolina. Joel graduated with a commission in the US Army as a Second Lieutenant in the Aviation Branch. At The Citadel, he completed bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and German with honors. He would go on to finish a master’s degree in Security Studies at Kansas State University. 

Joel has served multiple tours with the 10thMountain Division, 101stAirborne Division (Air Assault), 160thSpecial Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), and 5thSpecial Forces Group (Airborne). He is a graduate of the Army’s Command and General Officer Staff College.

Joel started his own family with a previous marriage that gave him two wonderful sons. Now, he is preparing for a wedding celebration to marry his fiance who is currently serving as a member of the Missouri Army National Guard.

Joel Funk has devoted his entire adult life to serving his country and has demonstrated leadership by example in complex environments, in harsh conditions, and combat. The people of the the Illinois 12th Congressional District have voiced their concern with a lack of real and effective representation in Congress. Joel is prepared for the work it will take to bring effective leadership back to the people of his district.